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VirBELA – 3D Business Simulations to Develop Business Acumen and Teaming Skills

VirBELA is a learning and development organization that provides innovative cyber-technologies to improve global educational experiences that empower individuals, teams and organizations.

The organization has worked tirelessly to make educating and collaborating fun, because its thinking is that working with others and improving yourself does not need to be a chore. The immersive online learning environment has been optimized to work on a basic online connection with a keyboard, mouse and headset. This truly revolutionizes the accessibility of effective online education and collaboration and makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to receive a premiere education.

Virbela Custom Virtual Campus

Time, money, geography and risk all represent the restraints that prohibit real-life engagement between collaborators, whether students and teachers or employees and management, ultimately limiting potential and overall progress. The world needs a universal solution for communication. Not just the communication of ideas, but the real-life experience of engaging with people in an economically sustainable manner.

VirBELA has decided to tackle this educational engagement problem through interdisciplinary collaboration. They have brought together a team of business professionals, educators, organizational psychologists, information technology specialists, 3D artists and serious game designers to generate a paradigm shift in how people educate and collaborate.

The goal is to translate key experiential components of real-life interaction to a virtual workplace. This online experience offers a litany of opportunities such as: Sustainable Global Collaboration, Big Data Analysis of learners, Personalized Education and most important… FUN! The virtual space demands that we do not simply move the classroom setting to online space; we have to re-think how we educate and engage in the virtual world.

VirBELA creates social learning experiences in a distance education format. Its customized platform is used to help learning providers tap into the ever-growing demand to provide remote education, workforce development and collaboration opportunities. VirBELA allows students and professionals around the world to come together to collaborate, network, compete, learn, and have fun. Its software allows for blended learning to occur via lectures, cases, simulations, coaching, breakout groups and serious games, leading to a level of engagement that no other distance education software supports.

Virbela Platform

They also have a team of advisers who represent both the private and education sectors from top organizations, such as The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego, IBM, Qualcomm, Thermo Fisher Scientific, The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego, The San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego, Rembisz & Associates and Tycoon Systems-Industry Masters. They are providing services and solutions for the education, government and corporate sectors.

VirBELA serves as a global platform to build multi-cultural communities that foster student and employee cultural intelligence. Their initiatives have spanned from Mexico all the way to China. They have served learners from educational institutions and organizations such as: Thermo Fisher Scientific, University of California Irvine, London Business School, INSEAD, Peking University, Waseda University, Nanyang Technological University, Indian Institute of Technology and Universidad Panamerica.

3D Business Simulations

VirBELA works with Tycoon Systems to provide simulations that represent multiple industries and multiple functions. Some of the industries they offer include the Hotel, Fashion, Telecommunications, Banking, and Automotive industries.

Ready to use Business Simulatins - Tycoon Systems

By practicing running a business, participants are able to assess their business acumen and leadership skills to be better prepared for the real-world. The 3D nature of the business simulations from VirBELA allows globally distributed teams to work together to develop cultural intelligence. Participants receive feedback based on their behavior rather than taking a written exam. Their strengths and weaknesses are revealed.

There is no need to fly instructors or participants in for a course or competition. The VirBELA´s simulations are available globally and in multiple languages and can be run on-site, with globally distributed participants. The simulations can run synchronously or asynchronously. They can be run in a single player or multi-player mode.

Virbela 3D Business Simulations

VirBELA also offers simulation customization. They can provide simulations that represent your industry, marketplace and the functions of your learners. Such simulations can be used in selection, on-boarding, employee development, and virtual team building.

VirBELA simulations support an array of learning topics from finance and marketing to cultural intelligence and decision making. Working closely with the Rady School of Management and its faculty, they can provide instructors and facilitators to deliver courses, but they also support your instructors or facilitators to lead simulation courses or competitions.


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